Best Chainsaw Boots – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Chainsaw BootsAs an arborist, wearing personal protective equipment is mandatory. There are lots of risks you expose your body to when you ignore even the most basic safety precaution. One of these protectives is the chainsaw boots.

For other jobs, you can underestimate the importance of a pair of safety boots. But when it comes to tree surgery with a chainsaw, it could mean the difference between a life-altering, minor, or a serious injury.

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Best Manual Pole Saws 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Manual Pole SawAfter finishing up your mowing, the next task remaining for you to have a spectacularly looking lawn is trimming the unruly trees. The hanging branches of the trees create a bit of an eyesore that you have to cut.

So, you will need the manual pole saws. These tools are convenient for pruning overhead branches minus the hassle of dragging along a heavy gas engine or pole saw batteries.

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How To Use Wedges To Fell Trees – Best Felling Wedge

felling wedgeOvercoming the lean of a tree during felling is not an easy task. Depending on the direction the tree is leaning towards, it is often necessary to change the direction and timing of the falling the tree to avoid other objects.

While many techniques are available for making this change happen, not all will work for everybody.

There are those who rely on ropes to keep the tree under control by realigning its center of gravity, while others use different tools.

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Best Chainsaw Chaps – Chainsaw Safety Gear

Best Chainsaw ChapsWhat Are Chainsaw Chaps?

Chainsaws chaps refer to trousers made of special fabrics that are designed to protect chainsaw operators from being cut by a running chainsaw. They are a part of the personal protective equipment that is recommended for all occasional and professional chainsaw users.

Usually, they are made of a tough and slippery material on the outside and layers of loose fibers of other fabrics on the inside. They are generally designed to prevent or minimize injuries that may occur if the lower limbs of a chainsaw operator are accidentally exposed to a running chainsaw.

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Best Husqvarna Chainsaws – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Husqvarna Chainsaws

At no single time can you mention high quality and good performance chainsaws without Husqvarna popping up. These chainsaws are some of the leading power tools among seasoned loggers, professional arborists, woodworkers, and homeowners.

These chainsaws referred to as Husky by those who adore them, are manufactured by a Swedish power house.

Have you ever heard of these famous chainsaws and do you intend to buy one? Or are you looking to upgrade your current chainsaw?

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