How Does a Chainsaw Oiler Work

how does a chainsaw oiler workAll chainsaws have either manual or automatic pumps that dispense oil evenly on the saw chain. The oil removes friction and help the chain slide easily around the bar. A well lubricated saw chain should be able to cut well with no problems at all. If the bar and the chain are not well lubricated, the friction caused when the chainsaw is being used to cut wood can cause the bar to overheat.This will damage both the chain and the guide bar. Overheating can also cause irreversible damage to the engine.

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How To Change The Air Filter On Your Chainsaw

chainsawThe air filter is one of the most important parts of a chainsaw. Clean air is essential for combustion which enables the enables the engine to run. When the chainsaw is running, a lot of sawdust, debris and all sorts of dirt can get into the chainsaw.

The air filter as the name suggests filters the air and prevents these particles from entering the internal parts of your chainsaws engine.

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How to Clean Your Chainsaw

how to clean your chainsawBeing a versatile and highly useful tool, the chainsaw is a tool often used by professionals, homeowners and other occasional chainsaw users who need to cut wood and for various other tasks. However, the chainsaw is also one of the most dangerous tools which can cause serious injury or even death. The chances of chainsaws causing harm significantly increase if they are not well maintained.

Ideally, a chainsaw should be cleaned frequently, maybe after every use if possible. Unfortunately, many chainsaw users especially homeowners and other occasional chainsaw users tend to neglect their chainsaws. This is mostly because they only use the chainsaws a few times each year.

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Chainsaw Chains Guidelines

chainsaw chains

The saw chain is one of the most important parts of a chainsaw. It is responsible for cutting and without it, it is impossible to operate the chainsaw. For the saw chain to be efficient and to last for a long time, it must be maintained regularly. A chainsaw that is in good condition is also safer to use.

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Chainsaw Parts Description

chainsaw  partsThe chainsaw is a complex machine with many different parts and features that work together. Chainsaw parts thus refer to the numerous parts required for the safe and smooth operation of a chainsaw. Many homeowners and occasional chainsaw users barely know even a quarter of the parts that make up their chainsaws. Why is this important?

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How To Make A Chainsaw Case

Chainsaw CaseA chainsaw case is very important because not only does it protect you and your chainsaw. It makes for you easy to carry the chainsaw and all the other tools you will require. However, many chainsaw owners often have a problem finding a chainsaw carrying case that fits. Most of the cases available in the stores are either too large or too small and just won’t fit. This is more likely to happen if the chainsaw was bought second-hand or from an auction, garage sale or the flea market. Sometimes you may have a chainsaw case but you would like one that can fit both your chainsaw and other tools that you will require when operating the chainsaw.

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