How Does A Chainsaw Oiler Work

how does a chainsaw oiler workAll chainsaws have either manual or automatic pumps that dispense oil evenly on the saw chain. The oil removes friction and help the chain slide easily around the bar. A well lubricated saw chain should be able to cut well with no problems at all. If the bar and the chain are not well lubricated, the friction caused when the chainsaw is being used to cut wood can cause the bar to overheat.This will damage both the chain and the guide bar. Overheating can also cause irreversible damage to the engine.

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Chainsaw Glossary

Chainsaw GlossaryThis is a list of the terminology commonly used in reference to a chainsaw or a chainsaw part or in a conversation or an activity involving the use of a chainsaw.

Air Filter – a permeable rectangle mounted on the opening that lets in air to the carburetor. It filters the air and prevents dirt from entering the carburetor.

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Best Chainsaw Helmet – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best chainsaw helmet

The need for the best chainsaw helmet can never be overemphasized. You never know where danger might hit you from when using the chainsaw. The chain can snap, and the flying pieces of debris from the chain are dangerous. Did I mention falling from a tree while trimming a branch?

A chainsaw is a very important tool if you deal a lot with activities inclined towards cutting wood. It could be cutting trees, cutting the trees into pieces or even trimming of bushes and branches in your yard. If you regularly use one, then you are well aware of how mean they can be to you.

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How To Measure Chainsaw Bar

chainsaw barWhen you are buying a shirt for yourself, you want to ensure it fits, right? This is the same case when you are buying a chain or bar for your chainsaw. Measuring is essential as it will ensure you have the fitting chainsaw bar.

If you have gone through the manufacturer’s chart, the information presented might look quite overwhelming. However, the process is very simple once you understand about the chainsaw chain and the length of the blade. If you want to know how to measure chainsaw bar, then read along.

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