Advantages and Disadvanteges Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsawHuman race has evolved continually with development of new technologies. Electric chainsaw came in to existence very recently. Earlier people used gas powered chainsaw to do all sorts of cutting jobs.

In comparison to the gas powered chainsaw, electric chainsaw offers great many advantages. It is touted to being the handiest device when it comes to operation. Apart from that it is also pretty environment friendly. Pros and cons are complementary to each other. While electricity powered chainsaw has many advantages, it also has many disadvantages.

Find below the advantages and disadvantages of chainsaw powered by electricity.

Advantages Electric Chainsaw

  • Lightweight 

In comparison to its predecessor, the chainsaw is pretty lightweight in nature. It is because there is no extra chamber for storing gas or any other fuel. This makes the operation of the device pretty easier as compared to its predecessor.

  • Easy to operate

To operate the chainsaw powered by electricity, you just need to turn on a switch. It will do its job automatically. If you compare the operating of electric chainsaw with the gas chainsaw, you will find the gas chainsaw quite hard to operate. You have to pull the cord to start the combustible engine. You may have to do it time and again to ignite the motor.

  • Each time you have an alternative with two variants available

Electrically powered chainsaw has two variants available. One variant is battery powered and the other variant is operated directly with the help of electricity. You can choose one variant depending on the nature of the job that you intend to do. You may have the option to run the chainsaw with electricity when you run out of battery.

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  • Cost effective

The chainsaw powered by electricity uses electricity to run. This gives you an option to save a lot of costs in terms of fuel. In case of gas powered chainsaw, you have to spend a lot of money on fuel. Apart from the fuel requirement, the gas powered chainsaw requires regular maintenance. You need to spend a lot of money again. The electrically run chainsaw doesn’t require maintenance like the gas powered chainsaw.

  • Safe

While pulling the cord of the gas powered chainsaw, you may get kickbacks. These kickbacks can be pretty dangerous at times. In case of electric chainsaw, there is no fear of kickbacks. You just need to follow electrical safety precautions while operating the electrically run chainsaw.

  • Less noisy

Generally the chainsaw operated by gas creates a noisy environment when operated. You don’t need to be worried about the noise while operating with the electrically run chainsaw. This chainsaw is pretty smooth.

  • No storage concerns

You can store the electrically operated chainsaw anywhere you want. But while storing the gas powered chainsaw, you need to be very careful. You need to store that in a proper place. Gas is inflammable. You can’t store it near any place where there is danger of fire.

  • Environment friendly 

The chainsaw doesn’t emit any gas that is harmful for the environment.


  • Less powerful than the gas powered chainsaw

Electrically operated chainsaw is less powerful as compared to the gas powered chainsaw. It is because the motor that runs with the help of gas gets energy through combustion. Electrical power fails to deliver that much power. It may lead to omission of some cutting operations while using electric chainsaw. You can’t perform heavy duty cutting jobs with the help of electrically powered chainsaw.

  • Small cutter bar

Electrically powered chainsaw has a cutter bar of only 15 to 18 inches long. You may find it difficult to cut logs with big surface area. On the other hand the gas powered chainsaw has cutting bar around 42 inches long. You can do all the cutting operations with that long cutting bar.

  • Less portable

Electric chainsaw is less portable as compared to gas powered chainsaw. You always need to have long cord to reach to the place of your job. There is no such concern when you have chainsaw powered by gas. Although you may prefer the battery variant of the electric chainsaw, you may not get that much power for hardcore cutting job.

  • Greater safety: A bit of concern

While operating with the electric chainsaw, you have to follow all the electrical safety rules. It is also difficult to clean the device as you need to follow safety precautions.


It is imperative to know all the advantages and disadvantages electric chainsaw as it helps you to pick the right kind of chainsaw for the job you are about to do.

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